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Organisational Change meetings – Part Two: Helping the Group Navigate the Problem

Once you have established a working group and discussed the current state enough for the members to become comfortable with each other, you can start to make real progress. During discussions on Organisational Change (and most other discussions) the group will encounter many problems to be solved.  The approach to solving each of these problems […]

Organisational Change meetings – Part One: Forming the working group

In my last post I gave a quick overview of organisational change, and a significant component of the process is meetings.  I have found there are a number of types of meetings or phases that occur during this process.  In this post I will talk about getting the group to form so they can work […]

The 5-minute guide to organisational change

Making significant change in an organisation is easier than you might think.  Here’s some thoughts. Step zero: Take your ego out of the equation. You should be performing organisational change to get the best result for the people involved in the situation.  The moment that you start putting yourself in the picture you will start […]